Friday, December 18, 2015

Exotic Ipe Hardwood - The Ultimate and Attainable Decking Material

Ipe is one of the densest hardwoods, and this characteristic makes it perfect as a decking material. It comes from Central and South America, and despite its ‘exotic hardwood' status, it is ultimately attainable through reputable suppliers that specialize in selling premium Ipe wood decking in specified lengths. Exotic Ipe hardwood provides a luxurious and elegant look to your home, especially when used outdoors. The wood is also known as 'Brazilian walnut' and is known for its superior resistance to rotting and decay caused by termites, fungal growth, insect infestations, and exposure to water. It is for those reasons that Ipe hardwood is preferred for a wide range of applications like boardwalks, pool decks, and railroad ties


Using Ipe hardwood can make your money go a long way, especially if you want to have an all-natural deck that is made of high-quality wood. Ipe hardwood lasts longer than other decking materials, and it is naturally beautiful with its rich brown color. You can be sure that your deck will look luxurious and stay durable for generations; you will enjoy many years of satisfaction, relaxation, and comfort for you and your family. Ipe wood is scratch resistant, making it perfect for high traffic areas or if you have pets at home.

Ipe may improve the safety of certain areas of your home, especially when it is constantly exposed to moisture and the elements. It naturally slips resistance, so you can comfortably walk on it, even when it is wet.

Exotic Ipe hardwood can hold up, even when it is constantly exposed to the elements. Adding a UV finisher will help maintain the luxurious brown hue and grain for decades. If you prefer the worn-out and naturally aged look, the color will turn into a silver-gray patina over a few decades without a finisher. The fire rating of Ipe hardwood is comparable to that of concrete (Class A fire rating), and due to its high density, insects will have difficulty biting into it. Even if they try, they will quickly give up and move on to a softer wood to gnaw. If some scratches or drags on to the wood, the right orbital sander can smooth it out.

Ipe is about three times harder than oak. In the Janka scale, its hardness is measured at 3680 pounds. Ipe wood specialists recommend carbide tipped tools and name brand saws with about 80 teeth for a cleaner cut. And because it is hard, you need to pre-drill penetrations into ipe wood and have a few extra bits on hand.

3 Important Pointers to Keep in Mind When Developing Mobile Apps

Mobile applications have come a long way from being just a tool to facilitate convenience when using mobile phones. Since the time, the world was introduced to smartphones, a wave of sophistication and advancement has gripped people from all landscapes. Mobile applications these days have become a big part of our daily lifestyle and all our activities, somehow and in some manner, bear a connection with them.

This has prompted a surge in the field of mobile app development where coders have become immensely busy developing smartphone applications that suit a variety of purposes. It is very important for mobile application developers to stay in touch with current trends, so that they are able to clinch a considerable share of the application development market. Here are a few pointers to keep in mind when developing mobile applications.

Keep In Mind the Scalability

No matter how efficient your planning is, you never know whether your application will fall flat or take off. However, while being optimistic, if you take the latter scenario under consideration, you may want to keep your app ready for the future and make it compatible for a multitude of platforms and a variety of devices. This way your app will stay functional across all devices and you will be able to cover a broader customer base without compelling them to switch to devices that support your application.

Add The Fun Element

Smartphone applications though are meant to enhance the utility of the user; the core parameter that you need to keep in mind is the fun element. It is important that you retain that fun factor in your applications and make the app intuitive and graphically interesting, so that users are kept engaged and you rake in good moolah by making your application a bestseller.

The Aftermath

It is important to understand customers are the lifeline of any business. You can't simply be done with developing an app, get it to your customers and forget about the aftermath. You need to stay in touch with app users, get feedbacks and solve their issues, so that they know you are genuinely concerned about the user-experience and are trying hard to enhance it.

You may get in touch with a professional mobile app developer firm to know what else goes into the making of an ideal mobile application. Browse through the internet for more details on providers in this segment.